Because trail running through trees surrounded by nature isn’t the same as running on a treadmill confined by four walls.
We want to connect you to the sun and the rain, the sunrise and the sunset, the beaches and the mountains.
Enjoying the urban environment is our right.
We are committed to building community, exploring the environment and rediscovering the forgotten treasures of the city. At Everywhere Gym, we convert your beloved city into urban training zones.


And we would like you to join too.
Welcome to Everywhere Gym Club.

We believe that positive energy is created when people who share the same passion come together.

People who train outdoors have a special connection to their urban soundings. The beaches, green spaces, and fresh air, are all apart of our natural habitat. At Everywhere Gym, we create unique workout experiences that allow you to enjoy them to the fullest.

Urban Outdoor Fitness is a movement that goes beyond physical exercise. It is about enjoying the journey of getting in shape, being more connected with your community, and the maximizing all that the city has to offer. It is about utilizing new technologies as your ally to create a better workout. It is a whole new experience.

The Everywhere Gym method was developed to activate Urban Outdoor Fitness everywhere.

Through healthy physical exercise and music as a major factor, we reclaim our coexistence in our public spaces.

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Highly skilled trainers
The practice of responsible sport is one of our key pillars and therefore we only work with the best!.
Our trainers are knowledgeable and passionate about the sports they teach. Choose the session that best suits you and be confident that your coach will help you maximize your goals with only the best practices.

8D Wireless Headphone Music
We invested in R&D to provide you with a unique experience
Our carefully curated playlists guarantee better performance and greater motivation.