What is Everywhere Gym Club?



Everywhere Gym is the first Urban Outdoor Fitness Club.
Our app brings together top coaches, dynamic group fitness classes in the best locations in your city…

How are these classes organized? Where can they be found?

All training sessions are held outdoors in different locations around your city throughout the day.
Choose where, when and the session that best suits you. Book in a single click. Join our movement!

Our method
t Everywhere Gym, we have developed a formula that combines the best elements of physical activity with all the benefits of music to enhance your mental well being.
We provide smart tech wireless headphones to help you get into the zone and immerse yourself 100% in the session. Playing music during exercising has proven positive effects:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Increased motivation
  • Decreased fatigue sensation
  • Synchronization of the movement with the tempo of the music
  • Disconnection of the external environment and enhanced ability to focus on the activity

Our philosophy ?
Everywhere Gym is an Urban Outdoor Fitness movement that takes your workouts beyond the four walls of an indoor gym. It encourages the practice of sports, physical health and well being in an urban environment.
We believe in a new concept of the city and community where institutions, companies, and individuals work together to live in a more connected and intelligent way.
We believe in the connection of outdoor fitness to provide a balanced lifestyle between mind, body, and harmony with the environment around us.
Together and enhanced by the use of music and smart tech, we are Everywhere Gym Club.


What is Everywhere Gym Club?