Team Workout Port


Team Workout Port
Barcelona · Moll Bosch I Alsina - Port Vell

• What we'll do 60 minutes of sweat, pain and fun! It´s a cross training for the entire body. We are jumping, running, pushing, pulling, throwing and playing. Every kind of physical exercise with your own body weight, tubes, bands, ropes or an extra weight. There are many types of sport together in one hour outdoor workout. Every class is different, but every class is designed to have fun and to push you to your personal limits and further. PARA PODER CANCELAR ESCRIBIR A:

A quien va dirigido
Everyone who loves tough workouts! We are a mix of bloody beginners and advanced athletes. I am reaching every level through different rep numbers, intensity and exercise variations.

Qué tengo que traer
bottle of water and a towel

Método de pago
Trial Class: GRATIS Single Class: 6€ 10 Classes: 45€ (valid for all MO&MACE workouts like Fitness, Yoga, Boxing, Volleyball) Cash, Paypal or Transfer

English (Spanish, German)

Más información
Looking forward to seeing you at the workout! Saludos, Lena

Moll Bosch I Alsina, 2, 08039 Barcelona
Punto de encuentro
We are downstairs next to the port. Parallel to Passeig de Colom. There is a huge free area with big palm trees and lots of light.

Sobre el anfitrión
Bootcamp Owner since 2015 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor in various Gyms in Germany Gymnastic Trainer Kids